Santa baby, hurry down the chimney tonight; i.e. Power of Desire! 

Do you believe in Santa like the girl in the 1953 Christmas classic “Santa baby“? She wishes that Santa deliver her some extravagant gifts such as sables, yachts, and decorations from Tiffany’s and says, “really that’s not a lot”!Do you possess any such flaming desire that Santa baby can deliver to you on this Christmas night?

One of the most underrated of the human emotions is Desire! A few years back, I had read somewhere that Newton’s discovery of the laws of physical world, while contributing tremendously to the progress of our race, also had a big negative consequence. Understanding the rule of action & reaction – the need for an action to create a reaction – has made us disbelieve the power of our mind that works out of this physical world!

Orthodox religions preach that we should have faith and ask God whatever we want and it will be delivered. Modern science rejects this idea and asks you to focus on action than wish and belief. We usually end up buying into one of these two views. But, in my opinion, both these views could be based on partial view of the reality. And here is why … whether you believe in the God or His deliverance power, your desire is surely the very essence of success!

In my blog, “Can an idea cone from a vacuum?”, I had suggested 5 elements that create a winning idea: Passion, Focus, Observation, Belief, and Association. A number of other authors have emphasized the importance of these elements in different ways. But, how will you feel passionate about something without a desire prompting you to achieve it?  Desire is that spark that ignites the flames of passion and keep them burning (the belief part of my 5 elements of idea). Indeed, without desiring, how will one even begin the endeavor to achieve? And, in spite of such a pivotal role played by desire, mankind has not been to the emotion of desire and has loathed it as  undesirable!

So, on this Christmas Eve, take a pen and a paper, and write your own note to Santa baby … hold no bars … desire … desire freely! Desire for what you want from your life.

I welcome your views/ questions ...

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