Defeating Procrastination …

World Economic Forum published an interesting article on procrastination, just a day after I published my last blog “Analysis or Procrastination?”. The article places blame for procrastination on “misregulation of emotion”!

Overcoming the urge to procrastinate has to start with seeing it for what it is: a failure not in time-management, but in dealing with emotions.

The article also gives a tip to work one’s way out of procrastination. It suggests that even when there isn’t an appetite to consume an entire apple, one should begin by taking a small bite of the fruit. That would help the procrastinator to break the spell of indecisiveness. It advises to slowly build the momentum … by taking one bite at a time.

Sometimes back, I read a book (actually, heard an audio-book) named The Compound Effect. Darren Hardy, its author, also advises reaping huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices. The logic behind the compound effect is the same – take one step at a time and then build momentum!  Small beginnings do reduce immediate risks as compared to making a bigger decision yet let us have an option to make the bigger leap at a later date. Financial experts call them “real options” – options created by investing a small amount that gives an investor a right to invest more money at a later date in pursuit of a bigger return.

Learning how to create these real options in entrepreneurial life can truly unlock a lot of opportunities.

I welcome your views/ questions ...

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